Justin Lester – I am Dickie Bird

Justin Lester’s Dickie Bird Saga Begins – bo bo bo boom!!

You may not believe it, but that chicken struggling to escape my grasp is the key reason as to why I, Justine, dammit, Justin Lester became the infamous Dickie Bird!!

Who would have thought that a chicken bite could bestow such astronomical SEO powers??

But wait, let’s back track a bit here. Some years ago I attempted to study sound engineering. Upon realising that I had a face for radio and that I stood a better chance at winning the bronze medal in female gymnastics instead of producing anything worth listening to, I Justine – flip!! I, Justin Lester knew that my future lay in the field of SEO and getting sites to rank. Oh and rank I did.

Within one week of being employed at Onward Flash, a reputable internet entertainment company, their top leading brand achieved an amazing search engine result at number 10…on page 96 of Google!!! I was so proud. My boss, Derek Dittke on the other hand was incapable of sharing in my achievement.

He said to me, “Justin, you former rent boy, what took us 7 years to build, you’ve manage to ruin within one week!” I eyed Derek coolly , felt the Dickie Bird in me coming to the fore and what followed next, flowed from my lips with Zen-liked confidence: “Bo bo bo Boom”.